Onware helps Calgary International Airport with tracking and reporting.

The Calgary International Airport (YYC) is one of Canada’s fastest growing airports, more than doubling in size and passenger volume over the last 20 years. To keep up with the growth, YYC expanded its infrastructure to meet growing demand taking on the Airport Development Program (ADP) worth over $2 billion. The program includes two major projects: The Runway Development Project and the New International Terminal. The new terminal provides an increase in international and US destined travel capacity for the future. YYC can link local and transiting passengers to worldwide destinations as they add two million square feet of space fit for its 24 new gates, various new shops and amenities, overall doubling the size of the existing terminal building.

Completed in 2015, the construction management project is one of the largest in Alberta history. The General Contractor, Ellis Don Construction worked to construct a state of the art crisplant baggage system. The Project Manager was one of the many who used Onware’s software for their CA work for tracking and reporting purposes.


General Contractor:

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Interesting Fact

  • The International Terminal is a green building with geothermal walls, energy efficient exterior, rainwater harvesting, and co-generation power units that will approximately save 26,000 tonnes of Co2 a year.
  • Over 11.4 million hours worked by construction crews for the duration of the expansion project
  • 8585 truckloads of concrete were used to complete expansion
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