Onware a perfect fit for the project.

The Ramsay Wright Teaching Laboratories project is a multi-phased project spanning over multiple years. DIALOG is the Prime Consultant and Contract Administrator for Phases 1-3 of the project, with a completion of Phase 1 in January 2015 and Phase 3 in 2017.

Managed out of the DIALOG’s Toronto studio, the Stipulated Price Contract awarded is nearly $15 million.

Onware is the contract management software of choice for DIALOG, and was a perfect fit for this project. Craig Applegath, the Partner in Charge, values how Onware can identify all outstanding documents, show whose court those documents are in, and can easily establish how long an item has been outstanding. He states that with its “central location of documentation and tracking of every decision made”, it has proven to be an invaluable tool.

Even its use in a multi-year, multi-phased project, despite turn-over within companies, Onware keeps track of all documents and easily identifies accountability. All participants collaborate with Onware, and can view, search, and report on all project documents. Using Onware ensures everyone is aligned with the project’s end goal.


General Contractor:

Prime Consultant:



Onware’s ”central location of documentation and tracking of every decision made” has proven to be an invaluable tool.

– Craig Applegath, Partner In Charge

Interesting Fact

  • As of December 2016, the project has stored over 4000 documents within Onware, and more than 3000 emails have been automatically processed to project participants.
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