Distance is no issue when collaborating online using Onware.

The Atikokan General Hospital project, with a completion date of July 2017, is a two-year stipulated price $11.3 million contract, included an addition to the hospital as well as a renovation. The project consisted of four phases: Phase 1, the addition of the hospital and Phases 2-4, the renovation of existing space.

The key challenge of this project was its geographically diverse project team. How geographically diverse? The General Contractor, Manshield Construction Inc., office resides in Thunderbay, and is located 2,000 km away from the hospitals location. The Owner, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of Ontario, is located 1,700 km away from Kasian’s Toronto office. Having an “electronic system, a god send with time saved” stated Michael Paquette, the Project Manager on the project.

Without Onware’s collaborative online document management system, the project would have had to rely on a courier to deliver documents. With such a geographically diverse team, it would take seven working days for the courier delivery. Paquette expressed, a “single system that is current all the time is key”, with all people accessing and gaining answers to their questions, and without a “dependency on one person or system”.


General Contractor:

Prime Consultant:


“Having an electronic system [is] a god-send with time saved.”

Michael Paquette, Project Manager

Interesting Fact

  • A total of 6,200 sq.ft. was renovated and 8,900 sq. ft. added to make room for four acute beds and four long-term beds
  • Manshield Construction completed one section at a time and turned it over to the hospital, who would then transfer patients and services around and turnover the next area of renovation to Manshield
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