About Us

Onware has increased productivity on over 2,500 projects totaling $10 billion in construction value

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Onware was originally created by Onware Software Corporation in 2002. Onware Software Corporation was a spin-off of the University of Alberta’s Software Engineering Research Lab. Over the years, Onware has gone through two major technology shifts, and continues to refine, expand, and innovate. Today, the software is on its ninth major release.


  • 1997 – First Internet application research begins at University of Alberta Software Engineering Research Lab and Avra Software.
  • 2001 – Learning and Innovation in New Company Creation (LINC) project started.
  • Sept. 2002 – Onware Software Corporation was originally founded in 2002 as a spin-off of the University of Alberta’s Department of Computing Science.
  • Early 2003 – Onware launches with Event Management and Architecture / Engineering / Construction products.
  • 2003-2007 – Onware builds client base across western Canada with over 125 deployments.
  • Early 2007 – Event Management product licensed to Bits In Glass and re-branded Go Big Event. Onware Inc. is formed and continues to develop Architecture / Engineering / Construction products.
  • 2008 – Onware passes 500 projects and 1,750 users. In total Onware has helped manage projects with a total value over $2 billion.
  • Dec. 2008 – The fourth generation of Onware software is released to clients.
  • Late 2010 – Onware 7 released with more than triple the number of features of previous versions. Onware 7 is based on the Microsoft .NET platform and adds better performance and major refinements to existing features.
  • Summer 2015 – Addition of Tableau as a new product offering for Onware.
  • September, 2017Onware Mobile app is launched
  • Fall, 2018 Onware Sync is launched.
  • June, 2019 – Onware becomes an official part of the Procore App Marketplace